Food & Menus

At Kool Kidz we believe that it’s important to establish healthy eating habits as young as possible. We make this possible by giving the children in our nursery home cooked, nutritional food containing fresh fruit and vegetables as well as ingredients essential for healthy physical and mental development.

We follow the standards and guidelines from “Setting the table”, as well as Food Matters which complement each other to ensure all children are supported to have positive eating experiences and enjoy well-balanced, nutritious food.

Children are able to access fresh milk and water throughout their day at nursery.

Children learn healthy eating habits to last them a lifetime through meal times promoting, good hygiene, healthy eating, social skills and manners.

• The children have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and take part in cooking activities.
• We are happy to cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.
• We are happy to cater for a range of religious and cultural dietary requirements.
• We are happy to cater for parents individual food preferences.
• We are happy to cater for children who require an allergen free diet.
• We do not add any additional salt or sugar to our snacks and meals. We ensure your child’s salt and sugar intake complies with national guidelines.
• The full staff team are First Aid trained and we are experienced in catering for children who may suffer from allergies.

Kool Kidz Sample Menu