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Kool Kidz Nursery Testimonials

Below are some comments made by our parents and children.

My little girl joined Kool Kidz when she was 10 months, she is now 3 and the nursery are fantastic with her. They encourage and support her development and always keep her busy. The communication from staff and feed back on a regular basis is a great way to keep up with what my little one is up to. I have just started my little boy too and look forward to seeing his friendships grow with both staff and other children.
Sunflower & Buttercup Parent

Kool Kidz has a wonderful team of lovely staff members. They were and still are very supportive to parents and understand that leaving their little one can be difficult. Our son thoroughly enjoys himself at the nursery and is always encouraged to engage in different activities. The rooms are well stocked with interesting areas of play and are updated regularly. We would recommend Kool Kidz to other parents.
Bluebell Parent

Our 3 year old has been in the nursery from 6 months, he has loved each room as he has moved up! The girls are all amazing and have encouraged our wee one with learning, games and exploring and always encourage him to be a confident wee boy.
Sunflower Parent

Excellent Nursery. My son goes to this nursery and he loves it. Nursery environment is great, staff are all very friendly and professional. Great space inside and large garden area for kids to play.
Buttercup Parent

This is my husband and I’s first experience of a nursery with our first child and have been delighted with the care he has received and the level of communication and the relationships that have been built with the girls has been excellent.
Buttercup Parent

The first thing my daughter does when entering nursery every morning is run up to a member of staff for a hug before happily going off to play. This allows me to leave for work knowing that my daughter is truly cared for by the staff at Kool Kidz. My partner and I have found that the staff at Kool Kidz are always very welcoming, and we feel that we can approach them with ease. Upon collection of our daughter we especially like that the staff will give myself or my partner an update of our daughter's day. The staff at Kool Kidz observe my daughter's interests and will often base activities around her interests. Kool kidz offer a wide range of activities that keeps my daughter stimulated throughout the day and also encourage a lot of outdoor play experiences within the nursery garden which my daughter loves.
Bluebell Parent

I started my daughter at Kool Kidz in January 2019. Shes 2 years old. My little girl didn't speak much just a few words here and there with only being in a couple of days per week she has come on leaps and bounds. The nursery always keeps me informed with everything they have or haven't done with her. I couldn't recommend a better nursery the staff are amazing at what they do.
Bluebell Parent

Quotes from the Children

I like playing in the garden. Sunflower Age 4

I love to make pictures of rainbows. Sunflower Age 4

I like to play with the trains and cars. The nursery is 5 out of 5. Sunflower Age 3

I love all of the nursery. It is really amazing and I can play outside with my friends. Sunflower Age 3

I like the home corner and the babies. The ladies make me laugh. Sunflower Age 4

I love playing with the toys, in fact I just love the full nursery. Sunflower Age 3

I like playing in the kitchen. Sunflower Age 4

I like playing with all the bricks. Sunflower Age 4

I like it when the ladies bring out the rocket puzzle. Sunflower Age 4

I like to go to the baby room and play with the babies. Sunflower Age 5

I like playing with all my friends. Sunflower Age 4

I like the slide and the sand. Sunflower Age 4

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