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Our Aims at Kool Kidz Nursery

Our aim is to provide high quality childcare and early learning in a caring, welcoming and stimulating environment through partnership with parents to ensure your child has a "Positive Start in Life."

• To provide a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment designed to meet each individual Childs needs.

• We aim to improve the children’s health and wellbeing by building their self confidence and self-esteem by promoting healthy lifestyles.

• To provide quality experiences for children aged 0-3 years following the guidance contained in the pre-birth to three document- Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families.

• To follow the Curriculum for Excellence for children aged 3 to 5 years in order to provide quality activities and experiences to promote each individual child’s development and learning in all areas of the curriculum.

• To provide children with the opportunity within their day for rest and play and to ensure continuity of care from home to nursery and between settings.

• To provide children with opportunities to take part in play, recreation and sport activities which contributes to healthy growth and development both within the nursery and wider community.

• Respecting each child as an individual and ensuring the child’s choice and voice is paramount.

• To nurture and develop positive relationships by encouraging active involvement and effective communication with parents and the community.

• To treat every child as an individual recognising additional needs, gender, race, nationality and culture. Encourage equal opportunities for all children and adults involved in the nursery.

What we value at Kool Kidz Nursery:

• Happiness and Wellbeing
• Engagement
• Respect
• Communication
• Achievement
• Integrity
• Partnership and Care
• Challenging
• Commitment to Excellence

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